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All News

  1. March 11, 2021 | Internal News

    Galaxy-ELIXIR webinars series: Advanced Features

    Galaxy is supported by a large and active community distributed across the globe, which leads to rapid developments in every release. However, many of this features remain unknown by most of the users.

    With this...

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  2. June 30, 2021 | Internal News

    Workshop on SARS-CoV-2 Data Analysis and Monitoring with Galaxy

    The goal of this upcoming workshop is to build capacity in SARS-CoV-2 data analysis and data management, including data submission to ENA. After the workshop, all participants will be able to upload viral sequencing data,...

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  3. November 12, 2021 | Internal News

    ETAIS & ELIXIR seminar UT HPC Usage 101

    During this UT HPC Usage 101 lecture course we will provide the participants basic knowledge required to use to submit, monitor, and control jobs on the compute nodes of UT HPC. We will talk about...

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  4. November 22, 2021 | Internal News

    LUMI’s Full System Architecture Revealed

    “The AMD MI250X GPU is in a class of its own now and for a long time to come. The technical supremacy and performance per watt were the primary reasons why AMD’s MI250X GPUs were...

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  5. February 08, 2022 | Webinar

    Webinar “High Performance Computing for SMEs”

    The HPC center of the University of Tartu and CSC (IT Center for Science) invite you to participate in the joint Estonian-Finnish webinar “High-performance computing for SMEs”. High performance computing (HPC) is the ability to...

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  6. March 09, 2022 | Software

    GTN Smörgåsbord 2 starts on March 14

    GTN Smörgåsbord 2 is a free, global, week-long Galaxy training event showcasing a wide variety of Galaxy Training Network tutorials.

    Galaxy, a scientific workflow system, aims to make computational biology accessible to research scientists that...

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  7. March 09, 2022 | New Service

    Virtual Desktop!

    University of Tartu HPC Center is announcing a new Virtual Desktop service, providing a cloud-hosted Linux desktop machine. The service is currently free of charge. The Virtual Desktop is available in any web browser; no...

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  8. April 27, 2022 | Internal News

    Estonia-Georgia joint team to win third place in Locked Shields 2022

    More than 2000 participants were involved in cyber defence exercise Locked Shields 2022 that took place from April 19 to 22. This year, one of the venues of the event was the Delta Centre in...

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  9. November 21, 2022 | Internal News

    HPC keskus osales konverentsil „Tööstuse äriplaan 2023“

    Tallinna Sadama kruiisiterminalis toimus 16. novembril 2022. a konverents “Tööstuse äriplaan 2023”, mis tõi kokku Eesti tööstusettevõtete juhid ja liidrid. Kõigil konverentsil osalejatel oli võimalus külastada ka TÜ HPC keskuse esitlusboksi.

    Tihti arvatakse ekslikult, et...

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  10. September 12, 2023 | LUMI, webinar

    ETP4HPC webinar: LUMI

    Time: Friday, Oct 27, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EEST.

    The EuroHPC system LUMI, located in Kajaani, Finland, is currently the fastest supercomputer in Europe and one of the most powerful and advanced computing...

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  11. November 10, 2023 | Updates

    OnDemand service & Services status page

    We are excited to announce the launch of two new services that are set to enhance your experience with our infrastructure: the Open OnDemand Service and a dedicated Service Status Page.

    Open OnDemand Service

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  12. January 12, 2024 | SOCCER

    The SOCCER project has started.

    We work towards better cyber security - the SOCCER project has started.

    Cyber security has always been our priority, and we have always paid close attention to it....

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  13. January 22, 2024 | Updates

    The University of Tartu HPC Centre Celebrates its 15th anniversary.

    The University of Tartu HPC centre’s job number counter just hit 50 million jobs. Coincidentally, it happened on the 15th anniversary of the first job run on the cluster.

    The University of Tartu HPC centre...

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  14. January 31, 2024 | SOCCER

    The SOCCER project is in progress.

    We play for Cyber!

    The SOCCER Project, which aims to increase the academic sector’s resilience to cyber threats and act as the strategic goalkeeper for intellectual capital, research...

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  15. February 09, 2024 | Conference

    4th Baltic HPC and Cloud Conference in Riga on April 11-12, 2024

    We invite you to join the conference for the Baltic Sea region to exchange ideas and discuss future collaboration models with NCCs, CoEs, EDIHs, and governmental representatives. We will have separate sessions dedicated to each...

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  16. February 14, 2024 | Training

    Nextflow course for beginners (April 19, April 26, May 3, 2024)

    This 3-day Nextflow course by ELIXIR Estonia, in collaboration with the University of Tartu HPC Center, comprehensively introduces the powerful workflow language. Nextflow is renowned for its robust, scalable, and reproducible methods of running computational...

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