Referencing HPC Center

Articles published on calculations carried out in the High Performance Computing Center of the University of Tartu. If you publish something involving work carried out in the High Performance Computing Center, then please refer to us.

Please use one of the following citation format:

APA University of Tartu. UT Rocket.
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Datacite DOI
Harvard University of Tartu “UT Rocket.” doi: 10.23673/PH6N-0144
IEEE University of Tartu, “UT Rocket.”, doi: 10.23673/PH6N-0144
MLA University of Tartu. UT Rocket., doi:10.23673/PH6N-0144
T1  - UT Rocket
AU  - University of Tartu
DO  - 10.23673/PH6N-0144
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AB  - General purpose HPC cluster in UT HPCC.
PY  - 2018
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Available from: