Industry solutions

High performance computing (HPC) refers to the use of supercomputers capable of solving hugely complex problems that regular computers cannot handle. Supercomputers contain thousands of compute nodes that function together and enable to process huge amounts of data and perform complex calculations at high speeds.

Initially embraced by scientists who needed to perform complex mathematical calculations, HPC has now become essential for a growing number of enterprises operating in various fields. High computing power allows enterprises to effectively run large analytical computations thereby leading to faster results and higher quality products or services. Thus, HPC provides organizations the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

HPC is a pervasive tool allowing industry, SMEs and public sector to develop world-class products and services. At the same time, HPC has dramatically changed the way the products are developed. In short, HPC allows companies to do more while spending less.

The primary benefits of HPC

Reduced physical testing

Companies can use HPC to design simulations before physically building items like chips or boats. Simulations eliminate the need for physical tests and are less expensive when compared to physical prototypes.


HPC enables to perform massive calculations in a short time, thereby accelerating testing and decreasing time to market.

Reduced R&D costs

Faster answers mean less wasted money and time.

HPC solutions for enterprise

Which industries can benefit from HPC?

Banking, financial technology and insurance

Risk analysis, fraud detection, financial modeling.

Government and defense

Urban planning, weather forecasting, energy, intelligence.


Processing of medical data, drug research, developing innovative treatments for diseases.

Manufacturing and engineering

HPC simulations can be used to design new products, test prototypes and optimize manufacturing.

Media and entertainment

Rendering special effects for movies, transcoding huge media files, creating immersive entertainment immersive entertain


Customer data and inventory analysis, logistics, marketing offers.