The table below indicates the prices of our services for the structural units of University of Tartu and users outside of the University.

The prices were set in accordance to ruling Tartu 29.12.2023 nr. 3-1/AT/267, and are valid since December 29th, 2023. The financial source for receiving the income is ELTATHPC. The individual responsible for billing is the manager of the HPC Center, Ivar Koppel.

Don’t hesitate to write to, if you have any questions about calculating the price.

HPC Compute servers
  • CPU 0.012 EUR/core h or
  • Memory 0.012 EUR/6GB/h.
  • GPU 0.5 EUR/GPU/h.

  • Memory usage is calculated by 6 GB segments.
    Price depends on the use of which resource is greater. Accounting of the use the computing servers is based on the amount of memory (with 1 unit being equal to 6 GB of RAM/h) and processors (with 1 unit being equal to 1 core/h) allocated to the user’s job(s).

  • When determining the order of starting compute jobs, jobs with higher priority are given preference.
Storage space
  • Storage 80 EUR/1TB/year
  • In case of 2x replicated data, 160 EUR/1TB/year.
  • A copy stored on tape costs 30 EUR/1TB/year.
  • Replicated + tape stored data costs 190 EUR/1TB/year.
S3 object storage
  • Storage 160 EUR/1TB/year

  • NB! The service does not incur any data retrieval or data transfer cost!
LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure)
  • CPU 0.008 EUR/core h
  • GPU 0.35 EUR/core h
  • User home directory: free
  • Project storage (persistent and scratch) 0.0106 EUR/TB/h
  • Storage Flash based scratch storage is billed at the rate 10 x 0.0106 EUR/TB/h
Virtual server hosting
  • CPU 0.003 EUR/core h
  • Memory 0.0013 EUR/1GB/h
  • Storage SSD storage 0.138 EUR/1TB/h

  • Billing is the sum of used resources cost. For example, in case of a virtual server m.xsmall flavor with 1 processor core, 1GB of ram and 10GB of SSD storage space allocated for it, will cost 1*0.003*24*365 = 26 euros per year for the CPU and 1*0.0013*24*365 = 11 euros per year for RAM and 1/10*0.138*24*365 = 120 euros per year for the storage space.
  • One time set-up fee 500 EUR
  • CPU 0.003 EUR/core h
  • Memory 0.0013 EUR/1GB/h
  • Storage 6.67 EUR/1TB/month
    (80 EUR/1TB/year)
Kubernetes container managed service
  • CPU 0.003 EUR/core/h
  • Memory 0.0013 EUR/1GB/h
  • Storage SSD storage 0.138 EUR/1TB/h

  • Billing is per usage or per request, whichever is greater. Accounting resolution is usage per minute.
Server maintenance
  • Rate 50 EUR/server/month.
  • Includes monitoring and installation of security updates.
Administrator's hourly rate
  • Rate 60 EUR/h

  • Will be applied in case the desired software requires unusually long and complicated installation process.
Waldur hosting
  • Small up to 100 users - 99 EUR/month
  • Medium up to 500 users - 199 EUR/month
  • Large more than 500 users - 349 EUR/month

  • Hosting includes backups, availability monitoring, upgrades and integration with UT HPC helpdesk. Billing is once a year at the beginning of the billing period (the minimum contract period is one year). If, during the billing period, the number of users increases, the next bill will include the additional fee from the past period (the difference between pricing tiers). There is no refund for unused seats.