Virtual Desktop/Cloud Service

Virtual Desktop (VD) service is providing a cloud-hosted Linux desktop machine. The service is currently free of charge. The Virtual Desktop is available in any web browser; no client installation is required.

VD enables to create a separate working environment for a specific use, such as keeping your personal and work separated in different computing environments.

  • Easy access to your virtual machine that is entirely in your control.
  • Run software in an isolated and powerful machine.
  • Teach students Linux internals.


  • 4 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and 10GB SSD storage running on powerful AMD EPYC servers.
  • Low latency with HD video and sound support.
  • Pre-installed web browsers, office, and scientific software.


The table below indicates the prices of our services for the structural units of University of Tartu and users outside of the University. For additional information please check our pricing.

Virtual server hosting
  • CPU 0.003 EUR/core h
  • Memory 0.0013 EUR/1GB/h
  • Storage SSD storage 0.138 EUR/1TB/h

  • Billing is the sum of used resources cost. For example, in case of a virtual server m.xsmall flavor with 1 processor core, 1GB of ram and 10GB of SSD storage space allocated for it, will cost 1*0.003*24*365 = 26 euros per year for the CPU and 1*0.0013*24*365 = 11 euros per year for RAM and 1/10*0.138*24*365 = 120 euros per year for the storage space.
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LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure)
  • CPU 0.008 EUR/core h
  • GPU 0.35 EUR/core h
  • User home directory: free
  • Project storage (persistent and scratch) 0.0106 EUR/TB/h
  • Storage Flash based scratch storage is billed at the rate 10 x 0.0106 EUR/TB/h