Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes

  1. Duration: September 06, 2023 - December 12, 2023

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Containerization technologies and orchestration solutions like Kubernetes are the cornerstones of building efficient microservice-based scalable and reliable applications. This course deals with the nature, design, and development of container-based systems and cloud-native services. The knowledge acquired in the course is hardened through practical tasks.

The goals of the course

  • Give students knowledge and understanding of the nature of containerization, container orchestration solutions and using them to design cloud-native systems.
  • Provide hands-on experience in managing Kubernetes services, deployments, and creating cloud-native applications.
  • Introduce recent developments in the domain


Students who take this course should be:

  • Comfortable with Linux
    • Linux command line
    • Using VMs
  • Comfortable with different programming and configuration languages
    • Python
    • Some JavaScript
    • Web programming
      • External APIs
      • REST
    • YAML (and JSON)

NB! Using a personal laptop is necessary in the labs. If you do not have one, you should be able to lend laptop from the institute.

Course communication

  • Course Zoom
    • Used for Lecture broadcast.
  • Course Slack
    • Used for course discussion, lab support.
    • You have to be logged in and student of the course to see the link here. (Contact Pelle if you can not see the link)
  • Study Information System (SIS)
    • Course announcements will be sent through SIS.
      • Make sure your email is configured in SIS so you do not miss any important information

Learning Outcomes

  • The architecture and building blocks of Kubernetes
  • How to build microservices using Kubernetes
  • How to configure, administer, and deploy services
  • How to test, scale, and monitor Kubernetes applications
  • How to design reliable cloud-native applications