LUMI Intro course

  1. Published: September 21, 2023

LUMI Intro course

This one day online course serves as a short introduction to the LUMI architecture and setup. It will include lessons about the hardware architecture, compiling, using software and running jobs efficiently. After the course you will be able to work efficiently on both the CPU (LUMI-C) as well as GPU partition (LUMI-G).

For doing the hands-on exercises and access the slides and training material on the course day, participants will have to join a course specific training project.

The course is intended for users that have taken a previous general HPC introduction course or already have experience with computing on HPC clusters. In case you don’t have this background, please ask your local organisation for information about appropriate courses. We aim this course at users from ongoing projects on LUMI, users with project proposals in one of the national or EuroHPC channels, and support staff of local organisations of the LUMI consortium members.

See the agenda and register here.