Galaxy is an open platform for supporting data intensive research.

Its goal is to develop and maintain a system that enables researchers without informatics expertise to perform computational analyses through the web. A user interacts with Galaxy through the web by uploading and analyzing the data. The advantage of the University of Tartu Galaxy is that the data is processed in a local cluster and in a secure environment. Thus, you can also work with sensitive data without fear of stealing it.

Go to the University of Tartu Galaxy webpage.

Access to Galaxy can be requested by sending an email (citing your UT intranet account username, if any) to  Please add your affiliation (institute, chair, etc). In the case of students, it is also necessary to add the name of the supervisor. You should be able to autoregister with your University of Tartu user credentials, if you already have the HPC user group added to your username.

Do keep in mind that we are in process of installing tools, sample datasets etc. Any requests regarding Galaxy choice of tools or reference datasets can be sent to support as well. Keep in mind, that the tools available to be installed into galaxy can be viewed at Also, if you are planning to launch jobs on big NGS datasets, please contact us first for support on tool profiling and resource allocation.

If you haven’t used Galaxy before, please watch a 10-minute introductory video.

Read and watch other tutorials on Galaxy

Watch Galaxy-ELIXIR webinar series: FAIR data and Open Infrastructures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.
First series (30 Apr – 28 May 2020)
Second series (20 Jan – 24 Feb 2021)