Here you can find some user guides and documentation hosted on our site. For overview on the hardware of our machines and most links to external documentation on some of the software installed on our machines, see Resources.

Presently, the following articles and documentation are available:

SLURM  – User guide for using SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) on our machines. All jobs to our clusters should be submitted through SLURM. Among other things includes examples on allocating resouces for your jobs, getting overview of your jobs, running parallel jobs, and using  MPI through SLURM.

Using Modules – An example of using Modules to set up the environment for running your job. If you submit a job through SLURM, then the environment would be automatically included.

Job Limits and Queueing – Information on our principles when prioritizing jobs, as well as overview of the various limits and default values in place on different machines.

Local Python Installations – How to install Python packages locally, and how to create Python virtual environments.

IPS XE 2015 Docs – Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Cluster Edition Documentation. The documentation that was supplied with the corresponding software, made accessible on the site for convenient perusal.

Using GPUs – A brief overview on how to use the GPUs in the gpu partition.

Openstack – How to create a VM on our Openstack cloud service.

Singularity – How to use Singularity (a container system available on our clusters).

SSH – How to setup SSH using PuTTY

Docker – How to setup Docker

Jupyter Notebook – Getting started with Jupyter Notebook in HPC.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions (where should one put input/output files, how to resolve a common problem running Java VMs etc).