The High Performance Computing Center is a consortium of the University of Tartu and it’s purpose is to build and develop  the necessary infrastructure for scientific computing. It also manages and coordinates the use of said computing equipment. This computing resource is open for use to any research groups in the university. Users from other Estonian science and research institutions are also welcome.

The HPC Center of the UT was founded in 2008.
The computing center is run by a committee and a manager. Members of the committee:

  • Kristjan Vassil
  • Mait Metspalu
  • Pärtel Lippus
  • Mihkel Solvak
  • Aare Märtson
  • Peeter Burk
  • Kristina Lillemets
  • Jaak Vilo

The manager of the computing center is Ivar Koppel.
The consortium of the High Performance Computing centre of the University of Tartu consists of:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities,
  • Faculty of Science and Technology,
  • Faculty of Medicine,
  • Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Information Technology Office,
  • Estonian Genome Center.